The LUNA Lending Library

Coming soon

What is the LUNA Lending Library?

Reading and media are incredible tools for learning and can have a powerful impact on how we see both ourselves and the wider world. We think that young people should have easy access to books where they can see themselves or learn about something they have no experience with. The LUNA Lending Library features a host of books for a variety of ages where disability is represented and will be available to borrow with a simple email. 

"Stories are the closest we can come to a shared experience... Like all stories, they are most fundamentally a chance to ride around inside another head and be reminded that being who we are and where we are, and doing what we're doing, is not the only possibility."

- Harriet McBryde Johnson 

Too Late to Die Young: Nearly True Tales from a Life

How will it work?

Step 1 - Take a look at our books and their descriptions below and decide what you wish to borrow.

Step 2 - Email us at with your postage details, email and which book you would like to borrow!

Step 3 - We will post your book and a return envelope. 

Step 4- Once you have finished with the book please return it using the prepaid envelope.

Will it cost anything?

No! Our books are free to borrow and we will send you a prepaid return envelope so there you will have no postage or packaging costs to pay. Money should never be a barrier to education.

When will I be able to start borrowing books?

We are still working out a few final details however we hope to be able to launch our library this Autumn. Follow our social media for updates!