Here at The LUNA Project, we believe in transparency and ensuring that we remain accountable. That's why we have published all of our policies here for you to view. 

How we keep you safe

Safeguarding Policy

Supporting Documents

Keeping you safe is always our priority

How we run The LUNA Project

The LUNA Project


What is a constitution?

A constitution is set of rules, laws or obligations that sets out how a state or organisation is run and governed. Constitutions ensure that there are clear principles and limits on power. At The LUNA Project we believe in a democratic, transparent way of running our organisation and we aim to avoid hierarchy at all costs. If you have a question about our constitution please email us!

How we interact with our environment

As the climate crisis escalates we believe that we all have a responsibility to play our part however we can.  Our environmental policy lays out our commitment to this ethos, however our policy is not exhaustive, and should you have any suggestions about how we could be more sustainable we would love to hear them!