Resources for Teachers

Our resources for teachers are intended to give teachers an insight into disability in their students and help with tackling the subject in their lessons. We hope you find these resources useful! If you have questions or feedback on our resources, or are interested in assisting with or creating a resource for us, please get in contact using the contact form or email us at

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Coming soon: An Introduction to SEND 

This resource will give a basic overview of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), give teachers some insight into the challenges pupils with SEND can experience in education, and discuss strategies for ensuring these pupils do not get left behind.

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Coming soon: Introducing Disability in a Positive Light

This resource, aimed at primary-level educators, will discuss how to introduce pupils to the concept of disability whilst encouraging empathy, and how to combat prejudice and negative stereotypes.

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Coming soon: Accessibility and the Classroom 

This resource, aimed at secondary-level educators, will discuss the importance of accessibility in education and how to ensure that your students feel accommodated and able to discuss any accessibility-related concerns.