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About Us

The Learning and Understanding Needs and Abilities Project

Our Structure

LUNA has a non-hierarchical structure: all members are equal, and are treated as such. Every opinion, idea, thought, or feedback is valued by us! Different people have different levels of involvement with LUNA, from our trustees and secretary who are the most involved, through to those in the wider LUNA community who input on projects occasionally. The majority of the LUNA team are in one of our three working groups:


This group maintains the social media and the blog, and writes the newsletter. They also make a lot of the resources which you see on our social media channels - you can find a lot of these resources on the Bitesize Resources page!


This group is mainly working on our Ambassadors scheme, which is an initiative open to students in S5 and S6 (or Years 12 and 13 in England). You can read more about this by clicking this link. They also do some of our wider schools work

What we do

We work to raise awareness of young people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. At the heart of this - and the reason LUNA was founded! - is the idea that supportive friendships can make all the difference in managing a disability or long-term health condition, but that starting those conversations can be very difficult. As such, a lot of our work centres around making these conversations possible and empowering young people to talk to their peers about their health conditions. We’ve also broadened our work significantly to include wider resources and workshops


Our work is constantly evolving and changing, guided by what we, as young people with lived experience, and other young people with lived experience believe is needed. Currently we’re producing lots of resources - from the bitesized ones you see on our instagram, through to full booklets - running an Ambassadors scheme and other workshops, running a blog, and continually trying to raise awareness! You can read more about all of those things below

Meet The Team

We are proud to work with 

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Ross Tanner (he/they)

I’m Ross, one of the LUNA trustees/co-founders, and it’s a pleasure to be a part of the LUNA Ambassadors working group.  I also love painting and drawing in my spare time.


Mehar Singh (she/her)

Hi ! I'm Mehar, I'm 22 and I have recently graduated from University. I run a blog ( and an Instagram account (@itscomplicated21) dedicated to raising awareness for life with multiple chronic illnesses. Through my insta and blog, I hope to support others on their health journeys feel less alone, and help them navigate the medical systems to find the best help and support possible !

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Maria Drelciuc (she/her)

Hi! I’m Maria, I'm a medical student at Uni of Glasgow. I joined LUNA in the autumn-winter of 2019 filled with enthusiasm and It’s fantastic to see how much LUNA has grown during this time and how the spirit of community and friendship is helping young people with disabilities to feel more empowered, and those without disabilities to be kinder and more compassionate. I am a hiking enthusiast and I love films and books to no end (same rule applies to dark chocolate digestives).


Anna Gallagher (she/her)

Hi! I'm Anna,  I'm a fourth year medical student at the University of Glasgow. I am passionate about The LUNA Project because I think disability education is the best way to help people support their friends. Outside of LUNA I am a yearly volunteer in Lourdes, and I love my violin, comic books and musical theatre.

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Heather McCormick (she/her)

Hi! I'm Heather,  and I live in Glasgow. Not currently working due to illness, but have a degree in law and a diploma in legal practice. I enjoy sewing, reading, and having cuddles with my dog, Archie. I joined LUNA to help raise awareness of chronic illnesses and the impact disability has on young people.

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Amber Daw (she/they)

Hi I'm Amber, I'm currently a first year Education Studies student. Away from studies I am a massive bookworm and tea enthusiast who loves nothing more than being by the sea! For me working with LUNA is an opportunity to raise awareness of disabilities and amplify disabled voices as a disabled person myself.

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Meghann Patterson (she/her)

I’m Meghann, I’m a fourth year English Literature and Language student at UofG! When I am not reading, I love listening to podcasts, spending time outdoors and playing with my kitten! I joined LUNA to work with like minded people to spread awareness of chronic illness and disabilities in young people.


Ally Lloyd (she/her)

I’m Ally! I’m one of the LUNA co-founders/trustees. For me LUNA is a chance to empower young people with Disabilities to talk about their experiences, and make the world a less lonely place for chronically ill young people!

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Ellie Brownlie (they/they)

I’m Ellie, I’m 21, and I’m originally from Moray in the North East of Scotland. I’m currently studying Psychology at the University of Glasgow. I have been open to speaking about my Dyslexia and Dyspraxia since being identified, and my identities had inspired me to study Psychology, but getting involved in LUNA has been an amazing opportunity to join with and help others. I love being part of such a passionate and enthusiastic team! When I’m not LUNA-ing, I love scouting, hiking, and sewing

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Anthony Collins (he/him)

Hi! I’m Anthony. I’m 18 and currently a first year at Glasgow University, studying Law and English Literature. I joined the Luna Project because I saw the brilliant things they were doing and wanted to take part, as I truly believe the work that The LUNA Project does is so important. In my free time I love comic books, writing, novels and drawing.


Beth Dillon (she/her)

Hi I’m Beth, one of the LUNA Project trustees and co-founders. Aside from my role as a Trustee I work as a member of the resources working group which I love!  The LUNA Project means a lot to me: growing up with a chronic health condition and disability presents challenges but strong friendships and understanding from your peers help to make things so much easier. 

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Eilidh Murphy (she/her)

I'm Eilidh. I play and coach netball, and spend as much time as possible with my dogs. I'm passionate about mental health and helping others so when the opportunity to work with The LUNA Project was available I grabbed it with both hands!

We also want to acknowledge the immense contribution of folks who have been part of the LUNA team/have helped us along the way. Each and every one of you have been part of making LUNA what is and you will always be part of LUNA! Thank you to: 

Aoife Aitken, Ayah Wafi, Marina Politis, Amber Thornton

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Stef (she/her)

Hi! I’m Stefanie (21 and from the US), and I’m excited to be a part of LUNA’s Resources group. Advocating for disabled and chronically ill people is so important to me, and LUNA provides the perfect platform for me to do that.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, and connecting with friends.

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Sophie (she/her)

Hi! I'm Sophie, and I study History at the University of York. Besides studying I love reading, writing (including a blog about my chronic illness) and volunteering in archives. Being involved with LUNA has given me such a wide range of opportunities - from writing blog posts, to being a member of the Online Activities team, to creating Science Communication resources and everything in between - and a way to raise awareness for disability in wider society.

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Abbie Johnston 

Hi, I’m Abbie! I became interested in disability activism due to being disabled myself and joined LUNA to have the opportunity to educate people and reduce the stigmas surrounding disability. Outside of LUNA, I spend my time crocheting, reading and snuggling with my cats.

We also want to acknowledge the immense contribution of folks who have been part of the LUNA team/have helped us along the way. Each and every one of you have been part of making LUNA what is and you will always be part of LUNA! Thank you to: 

Aoife Aitken, Ayah Wafi, Marina Politis, Amber Thornton


Laura McCafferty (she/they)

Hi, I’m Laura! I’m a third year medical student at the University of Glasgow.

The LUNA Project gives me a chance to support other young people living with disabilities by helping to create a more supportive and understanding environment. I love walking my dog and cooking

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Claire Robertson

Hello, my name is Claire! I am 23 and a Psychology graduate from Abertay University. I am currently undertaking my MSc in Health Psychology at St Andrews University. I wanted to specialise in Health Psychology by promoting positive health behaviours and supporting individuals who have a chronic illness or disability, which I experience in my home life. I am also passionate about health communication, vital for increasing understanding, awareness and, in turn, helping to reduce stigma.When I am not studying, I enjoy playing golf, crafting, baking, and going on walks with the dogs.

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Becky (she/her)

I'm Becky , I'm currently 17 and in my last year of school and hoping to become a paediatric nurse. I joined LUNA to help spread awareness about disability and long term health conditions.


Aaron Dekaa

I am a student waiting for my oral exams.
In my leisure time, mountain climbing is a go for me. An advocate of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in learning institution


Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm excited to join the education team! I think that curriculum that teaches about disability justice is necessary to create support for young disabled people and to challenge the ableism that is baked into our culture. When I'm not helping out with LUNA you can find me writing stories that feature disabled characters.


Hannah Frost (she/they) 

Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m 24 and a Law Graduate from Brunel University. I enjoy reading, run a blog about chronic illness and enjoy bouldering. I’m excited to be part of LUNA and to help support other young people with disabilities.

James Adamson (he/him)

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Kieren Mehta (he/him)

Hi I am Kieren, I'm an Astrophysics student who likes writing, theatre & art. I'm also newly t1 diabetic and have chronic pancreatitis; picked em all up in the last two years. I love a laugh, a hike, a cycle and someone who can click my back. LUNA has been dear to me for over four years but never been directly relevant till last year (hello pancreatitis!... et al.) so selfishly, this is the year I've formally joined. If anyone fancies a chat, wants to hear some questionable poetry, or wants to get involved in one of the most wonderful groups I've had the honour to be part of, say hi :--)

Kirsten Lloyd (she/her)

We also want to acknowledge the immense contribution of folks who have been part of the LUNA team/have helped us along the way. Each and every one of you have been part of making LUNA what is and you will always be part of LUNA! Thank you to: 

Aoife Aitken, Mirren Buchanan, Grace Stanley, Ayah Wafi, Marina Politis, Amber Thornton, 

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