Science Communication

What will this project be doing?

Often the information given young people ( aged 13-25) about their condition is very superficial and does not help them to understand what is actually happening in their body, why they are taking certain medications or what these medications actually do to their bodies. In the rare occasions where this is provided, often it is written by older individuals rather than people their own age. In this project we are hoping to have healthcare/ psychology/ any other biological science students to try and tackle this.

We are also really looking to foster a multidisciplinary approach to this, so the aim is for each resource to be complied by a small team composed by students from a variety of subject backgrounds.

There is lots of flexibility with this project for people to suggest their own ideas and shape it in the way they wish. As many of us are medical students ourselves we are acutely aware that at no point in many medical schools curriculums is there the opportunity to work exclusively with young people, the needs of which are very different to either younger children or older adults which are more frequently encountered in our training. 


Who are we looking for?

Any students in any healthcare, psychology, or pharmacy related degree with an interest in Science Communication, long- term health conditions or working with young people. You don’t need to have any experience in this area- all we need is enthusiasm!


How do I get involved?

Please drop either  or a email and we will get back to you!

Check here in 2021 to see what new and exciting resources have been created!