The LUNA Science Communication Project 

Often the information given young people (aged 13-25) about their condition is very superficial and does not help them to understand what is actually happening in their body, why they are taking certain medications or what these medications actually do to their bodies. In the rare occasions where this is provided, often it is written by older individuals rather than people their own age.


The aim of this project was to create resources from young people by young people that break down the science behind disabilities and chronic illnesses (their underpinnings, their treatments/helpful day to day strategies), in order to empower young people to feel they better understand what is going on inside their bodies/brains.

Volunteer students from a range of subjects including medicine, psychology, biology, and pharmacology were put into multi disciplinary teams. Each team was supervised by a LUNA team member and at the centre of the team was someone who was an "expert by experience". To the left is the handbook which was designed to support the teams - why not have a look! 


Over the past year our science communication teams have worked incredibly hard to create the following resources, which we are excited to now be able to share with you. 

Group supervised by: Ellie Brownlie 
PDF below, or listen here.