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Who We Are...

The LUNA Project is a charity that seeks to support and raise awareness of young people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and long-term health conditions. We believe a key way to do this is friendship. We want to empower young people with disabilities to talk to their friends and peers about their disability and the ways their friends could support them, and to equip able-bodied young people with the tools to support their peers and friends with disabilities. 


We also push for wider awareness, because we believe that a world which recognises young people with disabilities is the first step in a world that works for young people and disabilities. Hand in hand with this goes providing the right information and tools - both to disabled and able-bodied young people - which can be seen in our work with workshops, resources, and our blog.  


We are a charity run by young people, for young people.

What are we up to just now?

June 2021 Plans:

We are working hard on appointments and transitions resources - if you want to be involved get in touch !

We are working with some incredible undergraduate students who did their dissertations on things related to chronic illness/disability to create blog posts so that you guys can read all about their findings

We have been selected to present at the RCPCH Annual conference! We are so excited and have prepared a poster and video that we hope to share with you all soon! In the meantime, find out more about the conference below!

What have we been up to? 

May 2021 Highlights:

May was a busy month  full of awareness days/weeks - have a look at the resources we created for EDS Awareness Month, Deaf Awareness Week, ME Awareness Day, and Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness day!


Our very own Beth Dillon had a piece published in the BMJ opinion section titled "Medicine’s ‘stiff upper lip’ approach doesn’t help our mental health"

April 2021 Highlights:

April was the month of our fundraising challenge! We are so excited to set the goal 874 miles as a community, having conversations, and collaborating!

Our photo diary of LUNA completing miles and personal challenges!

March 2021 highlights:

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 20.05.20.png

The incredible Heather led a Writing Workshop for Dear NHS!

Ayah, Amber, and Hannah were all featured in the GUFAB newsletter on "Food and Health" 

Anna and Ally were guests on the Learning Scientists podcast  talking all things accessibility and inclusion in education!


We created a resource in collaboration with the Glasgow LGBTQIA Medics society!

Our very own Ellie, Anna, and Ally co - hosted a twitter chat with Dr Carolina Kuepper - Tetzel on inclusive education - you can see a round up of it here !

February 2021 highlights:

February was Spotlight on BIPoC month we had 4 incredible blogs!

We had some incredible instagram takeovers - including Saadiyas - which you can watch back on our insta highlights - @thelunaprojectuk !


Ross organised and ran LUNA's very first LGBTQIA social ! It was a huge success !

January 2021 highlights:

We had a "BODIES"month over on the blog and social media! 


We had some incredible artwork for BODIES month designed by Katie Mortimer !

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 10.38.31.png

A Glasgow University Magazine Article talking all things LUNA, disabilities, and bodies! By Meghann Paterson. 

Ally was a "cook-along" guest talking about the accessibility of the Environmental movement for Burns night!

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 16.35.05.png
A picture of two of our trustees (Beth and Ross) high-fiving

Our resources are written by young people with lived experience, for young people. There are resources on specific conditions, on managing hospital appointments, navigating friendships - the whole range. If you see a gap, something you want a resource on - get in touch! 

Three students standing in front of a whiteboard, working through one of our workshops.

We know just how important the school environment is for young people, and that bit more challenging for young people with disabilities. We have developed some resources to help teachers make classrooms more disability positive, and to introduce disability into lessons. 

An image of the top of The LUNA Project blog page. A group photo of our team is visible along with The LUNA Project logo.

Our blog is a space for young people to write about their experiences, putting a spotlight on the aspects of disability they feel need talking about. Our blog covers topics from independence to intersectionality to IBD. Have a read, and if you feel inspired to write, just get in touch.