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11-14 years

Welcome to our online learning page for age 11-14 years! We have created several activities that you can complete at home. Please let us know how you get on and what you think of the resources - we love hearing from you! Send us your work on our email address - we may even ask to publish it on our website!

Book review

Estimated time: 45-50 minutes

Book Review Task Instructions

(Plain Text Version)

Whichever book you choose, an important question to consider is...

Why is representation important?

Books and other forms of media (such as films, podcasts and audiobooks) are a really valuable tool for learning about other people's experiences and can help you understand more about a number of issues in the real world. In this task we have provided a list of books with short descriptions that feature disability in some way. We would like for you to read one of these books and, considering the questions you will find at the start of the document, put together a book review. You can do this in any form you like, whether it is a video, piece of writing, an artwork, it is entirely up to you! We would love to see the work you produce! 

Many of these books are available as films or audiobooks, so you don't have to read for this task if that isn't something you enjoy. 

Many of these books will be available to borrow for free from The LUNA Lending Library. Head over to the Lending Library page for more information. 

What is representation?

Representation is the way a particular group of people are shown in media, such as books, television and films. How a group is represented in media can influence people's opinions of the group, and can influence someone's opinion of themselves.  

Understanding Disablism

Estimated time: 30-40 minutes

This talk is all about understanding what disablism is! 

We also look at unconscious and conscious bias, and microaggressions as part of this. 

The lesson is interactive, and works well in groups so you can share your thoughts on what good definitions and examples might be!

Understanding Disablism Instructions

(Plain Text Version)

Charity Research Project

Estimated time: 45-50 minutes

Charity Research Project Instructions

(Plain Text Version)

This task is all about researching  charities! The task starts off with an explanation of and what they are and what they do, before we ask you to pick a specific charity to do with disability and chronic illness to research - maybe one you have never heard of before, one you've heard of but would like to know more, or maybe one close to your heart- it's totally up to you! From here we would like you to research the charity and present and share your findings! As always- we would love to see what you come up with, so tag us on social media, or email us at!

Extra Task: If you enjoyed this task, why not pick another charity to research too?  Or, you could look into raising some money for the charity you chose - maybe you could do a sponsored event, hold a coffee morning or a bake sale, or anything else you can think of! If the charity is local, you may be able to find some volunteering opportunities if you want to try something new and make a difference.

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