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A commentary on: Invisible Disabilities in the Fashion Industry

By Thapi Semeya

This piece is part of the We Are LUNA zine. The full zine can be viewed here: or listened to here:

From a very young age, I’ve loved everything about modelling. I would also look at how the models would walk on the runaway and would just dominate the runway and when I got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, my perspective on modelling changed in a drastic manner. I started to feel like the modelling industry was not inclusive of people with different disabilities and I can sort of remember how I let go of my dream to become a model until I started seeing that the modelling industry had taken a more inclusive approach in including people of many different body types and people living with disabilities. As I went through this article, it reminded me as to why I had decided to be a model and to be able to speak out about my disabilities. Having a disability is not easy but when we are able to see people who are just like us, it empowers a person. This article is a great reminder of how we should not let our disabilities get in the way of achieving our dreams and that it’s okay to be different. Being different is what makes one unique and it also allows for other people living with disabilities to feel inspired.

Read the original article: Visualizing Invisible Disabilities in the Fashion Industry by Rosemary Richings. Published in The Luupe.

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