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The Importance of Pacing with Chronic Illnesses

By Mehar

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One morning you wake up and suddenly have a lot of energy and you feel like superwoman ; you can do anything and everything today. You sit down and write your to do list running around to do all your chores, and it’s going great. Until you crash.

Everything hurts, the fatigue is unreal, struggling to move, talking to people is a complete no, light and sounds aren’t your friend, but silence isn’t the one either. You’ve been hit by a very large bus. But what happens now?

Well, this is when I sat down and gave myself a big reality check. I decided I really need to stop trying to do everything. My to-do list isn’t running away, it’s still going to be there tomorrow. I started doing things according to priorities and how much energy I have on the day. I also started feeling less guilty about lying in bed and doing nothing.

I realised , if my body shuts down on me because I decided to complete my entire to-do list in one day, then everything else that needs to be done will never happen. Every Sunday I write out my weekly to do list, instead of a daily to do list. This takes the pressure off big time because I’ve now given myself the entire week to FIT in these to dos. Anything left over will be moved to next week.

This way I crash a lot less and I’m listening to my body. Since my health is getting worse I have to start making myself a priority, not everything else in life. Doing things this way has helped me a lot and it also keeps my anxiety at bay.

I used to hate the fact that I can't do things everyone else can. I can't pull all nighters for uni and have an active social life. I spend basically all my time in bed and it used to make me feel less than.It does take time to get used to the idea of pacing and taking things slow and realising what your bodies limits and needs are. But everything works out for the best and your physical and mental health is extremely important so always prioritise and take good care of yourself ​

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