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Three unusual disability aids

By Jas Taylor (they /them)

This piece is part of the We Are LUNA zine. The full zine can be viewed here: or listened to here:

Recently, not much has been on my mind more than disability aids! As someone who had internalised a lot of stigma surrounding aids at the start of my physical disability journey, I've had no choice but to suck it up and accept their fabulousness as my health has declined. And I'm so glad I did! There are lots of bits and bobs that help me get through the day, but many are not the ones people tend to expect; I might use a wheelchair, a gorgeous walking stick, and all sorts of aids for my pain and seizures, but people overlook perhaps the most important! So without further ado, here’s a list of my top three unusual disability aids!

Alfredo the alpaca: I stumbled across this in a charity shop, and I'm so glad I did! Alfredo is a footstool that I can elevate my legs on. He is fluffy and very good, but his best attribute is that he doubles up as snack and med storage for throughout the day! He holds my TENS machine, little cartons of juice etc. and means that even when I can't move, I have everything I need until my carer gets home!

Chewable toothbrushes: I find getting to the bathroom really difficult, and the spoons required to endure the physical effort and sensory experience of brushing my teeth can make it really exhausting. I bought chewable toothbrushes, and they've made such a difference- now I've got the hang of them, and the satisfaction of clean teeth without having to leave my bed or wear myself out is so much better than before.

Water snakes: perhaps a little odd to some people, these have become my favourite stim by far and really help me to regulate myself when I'm overwhelmed. I've got three of the 90s nostalgia, with different sizes and colours, and some have little animals or glitter inside of them. The smell, cool sensation and texture are so calming and are such a justifiable purchase for me when I'm looking for self-care things!

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